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Sunshine City is a print and play, roll and write game designed by award winning designer Peter C. Hayward. In it, you’ll transform a city from a fossil-fuel hungry metropolis into an eco-friendy paradise.

This bundle contains 8 unique game maps and 8 different solo modes. Maps come in full color and low-ink versions.

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Sunshine City is a roll and write and move game for 1-100 players and plays in about 20 minutes. All you need to play is a pencil, 2 dice, and 3 colored tokens per player (use meeples, coins, m&ms or anything you like).

Be the first to convert your fossil-fuel burning city into an eco-friendly paradise by upgrading your buildings, inventing new technologies, and raising public awareness of the benefits of solar power.

Every turn, the dice are rolled. Use them to move your tokens around and gather resources. Then use those resources to upgrade your city, unlocking new powers and abilities. The first player to upgrade their metropolis to a solar-powered paradise wins!

Sunshine City was originally funded on Kickstarter. After reaching almost all of the stretch goals, the bundle now contains 8 unique game maps and 8 different solo modes. Each map has unique artwork and new powers and layouts to change up the game each time you play. All of the game maps are available in full-color and low-ink varieties.


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