Restore her legacy.

Hatshepsut ruled as one of ancient Egypt’s greatest pharaohs. Her successors tried to erase her from history, threatened by her success as both a woman and a pharaoh. They chiseled her image off stone walls, and her royal name – her cartouche – was removed from the murals.

In Cartouche, you’re an archeologist restoring Hatshepsut’s legacy. The twist: in this tile-laying game, the spaces you don’t cover are just as important as the ones you do. Each round, you’ll draft tiles and arrange them to restore murals, complete stories, and earn points.

Ages: 14+

1-4 players

Play-time: 20 minutes per player

Designed by Jeff Fraser and Peter C. Hayward with art by Tina Bongorno, Cartouche is a fresh take on tile-laying games.